About Baking Jenn

Hi! I’m Jenn.  I’m a 20 year old college student but my true passion is baking and cooking.  I love trying out new recipes (and old favorites!). I live with my boyfriend, Zack, and our two cats in Virginia.  Zack takes all the pictures of the food and I make it.  He’s also a full time student and a part time manager at a big shipping company.  We have a fun little life.

I personally only eat poultry and fish, so most of my posts incorporate only these things.  However, there might be the occasional beef or pork post thrown in there, because Zack eats both of those types of meat.

I want to eventually make my living by baking and cooking, but for right now it’s just a fun hobby.  Making people happy with food is my absolute favorite thing.  I feel so accomplished when I make something good.

Zack and I have known each other since elementary school and have been best friends since middle school.  We started seriously dating when I was in high school (he’s three years older than me) and have been inseparable ever since.

10 thoughts on “About Baking Jenn

  1. Hi, Jenn. Your bio is very sweet, and your kitties are adorable.

    Congratulations on winning the domestic copy of “Simply Suppers.” Please write me at thewellseasonedcook AT yahoo DOT com to provide me w/ your shipping details. I couldn’t find your contact info. Thanks!

    • Nice to meet you! I like meeting college foodies, too. I go to Radford University. It’s in southwestern VA if you haven’t heard of it. I like 45 minutes north of there, though, in the Roanoke Valley.

  2. hi i enjoyed getting to know you. i like getting your recipes. always ready to try something different. i was wondering if you can help me locate a recipe. it was for iced coffee. it contained cold coffee,milk,sugar, and chocolate syrup wand a tray of ice cubes. my son enjoyed it but i lost the recipe. he said it was very much like starbucks. thank you.

    • Hello. I think you’re asking the wrong person for this recipe. No one in my house drinks coffee, so I never pay attention to coffee recipes. If I stumble upon one that seems like what you are looking for, though, I will let you know!

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