Fall Cake

Last night I was supposed to have my final cake decorating class.  We were instructed to make a cake and ice it so it would be ready for decorating in class as a type of final project.

After I spent almost two hours making the cake and the icing, I got a phone call saying that my teacher had gone into labor and that class was cancelled and wouldn’t be rescheduled for a few weeks.

I went ahead and iced the cake really quickly, not bothering to make it look perfect.  I didn’t want the whole thing to go to waste.

I bought a big thing of fall sprinkles and saw a great opportunity to use them.  I quickly sprinkled them on top of cake and TA-DA! a cute and easy fall cake.

Zack took it to work with him this morning for his employees.

I wish I had a picture of the inside.  It is a white cake that I marbled with green gel coloring.

To make the inside of the cake look marbled, reserve about a cup of the batter in a separate bowl and pour the remainder into the cake pan.  I used a 3″ deep 8-inch round pan.  Color the reserved cup of batter whatever color you want your cake to be marbled with.

Then, pour that cup of batter on the top of the batter in the pan in a spiral fashion.  After pouring all of it on top of the batter, take a knife and cut through the spiral several times.  Make sure you cut all the way to the bottom of the pan.

I made the mistake of only cutting halfway into the cake, so only the top half of the cake is marbled.  Oops.  Oh well, it was only my first time every trying how to do it.

Then, just bake as your normally would.  This should give it a cool effect when it is finished!

5 thoughts on “Fall Cake

  1. Hi Jenn! I stopped by to visit, read but especially to say thank you for the friend request and add on FB. I appreciate it. Your blog is so cool. The Fall cake looks delicious. Here in California Autumn has fianlly arrived. Cooler weather and some rain. Very nice. Your sweetheart’s pumpkin gift was real sweet and reminded me that this month I will be carving pumpkins as well. Maybe I will do something similar for my wife. Usually, I will have one of our grandchildren stop by and help me carve. So we will see. Your Sloppy Joes look good. One of the perfect foods for the Football season. that and chili.
    I write a blog on food as well. But mine also includes my musings on life, love and relationships. Please stop by and visit. Maybe Follow if you would like. Again, thanks! Like Clarence wrote, “Dear George, remember no man is a failure who has friends”
    P.S. The font color in the comment section is very faint and hard to see. Hopefully you can see it..

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