Fancy decorated cupcakes

First off, let me apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.  I snapped these photos with my cell phone while still at the cake decorating class and had plans of taking proper pictures (or getting Zack to) with my camera when I got home.  However, on the way home, they all slid around and fell over and were ruined.

I’m just glad I got these pictures of them.  Last night I also decided that decorating cupcakes really is not my thing.  I would much rather do one large cake than a bunch of little cupcakes.  We learned a lot of cool techniques last night, but I only tried a few of them.

These are chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow fluff filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.

The top cupcake has nothing to do with what we learned in class, it’s just some random decorations that I threw together.  Maybe a sun or a flower? It’s open to your interpretation!

The “W” cupcake is for Zack, because his last name starts with a “W.”  The white icing on this one turned out nice, too.  All my other ones’ white icing is not very pretty.

This purple cupcake shows two techniques that I learned in class last night, leaf making and shaggy mum flowers.  In reality, the purple part (which is supposed to be the mum) looks more like hair to me.  My teacher said that she uses this technique at Halloween and puts little googly eyes on them to make them look like monsters.  I bet they are adorable.  These cupcakes are perfect for kids, too, because they have a TON of icing on them (who doesn’t want small children all hyped up on sugar?).

This is probably my favorite cupcake.  Zack says it looks like a sea anemone.  It also doesn’t show any new techniques, but these are my two favorite colors and I wanted to incorporate them together.

This cupcakes shows some more of the shaggy mum-esque icing and the purple part is another new thing we learned, drop flowers.  I’m not very good at making drop flowers yet, but that could be because my icing was a bit too thick.  None of my icing last night was the perfect consistency, actually.  I need to work on making sure consistencies are correct before next week.

The top of this cupcake is smashed already in this picture.  It’s supposed to be a shaggy mum flower with another type of flower on top of it.  It looked really cute before it was smashed.  The shaggy mum technique would also be good for making grass.

Our last class is next week and we have to design a cake and decorate it using all of our new techniques, as a final project of sorts.  I have no idea what I am going to do for it, but I’m looking forward to it.  I’m really glad Mom and I took this class.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned so much about cake decorating.  (I’m glad cupcakes were only one night, though!).

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